Weight Loss Plateau: How To Move Beyond It To Achieve Weight Loss Goals

You’re probably doing everything right; exercising, eating right, weight training, etc., but despite all of this hard work, you just can’t seem to break past a certain weight. Hitting this standstill point is tough, and the main reason why you’re hitting this plateau is that your body has adapted to your routine. It has understood your game plan and adjusted accordingly. Your job now is to shock it by doing things differently, and that means changing your plan!

Here’s how you overcome any weight loss plateau …


Rev up your metabolism by eating more frequently, a lot more. Most diet experts say that you should be eating six meals a day, but even 8 meals a day is fine. This is a must if you want to break through a plateau. Eat more often throughout the day. Focus on eating high-energy-density foods that fill you up and contain fewer calories.

Remember, your body has to work to digest and break down all of that food for you. Eating frequently makes you feel full on a small amount of food. This also offers the added benefit of helping you to build lean muscle, which helps to burn more fat.


As mentioned, you’re hitting this plateau because your body has adapted to your routine primarily. It got the skinny on your plan to lose weight and has adjusted accordingly. So if you’re running x number of miles a day, switch it up; start running faster and shorter distances.

Your body won’t know what hit it. You can also consider running more distances. If your workout routine begins with cardio exercises on the treadmill, try a different machine. Do totally different exercises. Hit new and different muscles when exercising. This one technique is enough to break a weight loss plateau.


It’s important that you focus on losing inches rather than pounds. There will be times (especially once you’ve added strength training to your routine) when you may see your weight loss slow down. Do not fret! This simply means that you are gaining strength/muscle and losing fat.

It doesn’t mean that you have to bulk up for this to happen. The body goes through many changes. Building muscle and tone will help you to burn more calories and fat. Give your body time to adjust to the new circumstances, and always keep in mind that losing fat is more important than losing weight.


Rev up your workout, start some weight training, switch up your routine, imagine yourself thin, and document your journey. If you do these few things, you will jump this hurdle and break your weight loss plateau, giving you the body that you’ve always wanted.

Life is fun! Enjoy it by living a fit, healthy, energized lifestyle. A tip for weight loss veterans: If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!

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