Benefits Of The South Beach Diet

In a recent post, we took a look at the long-running South Beach Diet at a glance and highlighted the positive effects that it can yield for those who are overweight or have a gluten intolerance — both of which are common.

Now we’ll take you through the specific benefits that you can expect through each of the three phases and tell you why this lifestyle plan may actually be a good dietary choice…


Phase 1 provides three benefits. The first one is probably what attracts people to this diet in the first place… rapid weight loss. Generally speaking, results will vary, of course. One can expect to lose about 8-13 lbs within the first 14 days. This is to give dieters a boost in confidence once they see some weight come off, inspiring them to push ahead.

Secondly, the foods that you eat are filling and packed full of nutrients, which means less nagging sugar cravings and discomfort. Thirdly, blood sugar levels are stabilized in this phase – this makes you less prone to certain conditions.


In phase two, you can expect another 3 benefits, the first of which is that you can now reintroduce a variety of foods that were banned in phase 1. You’ll be adding things like pasta, wholegrain cereals, low-fat milk, and fruits to your diet again.

The second benefit is the fact that weight loss is not so drastic (1-2 lbs weekly) this time around, which generally means that you lose weight in a healthier manner. Lastly, and this probably tops the first two for most folks, you will reach your goal weight! In fact, you will need to stay on this phase until you do – that’s fairly easy to do since you can eat more foods.


The third and final phase is probably the most beneficial since it is centered on long-term weight loss and management – it’s a lifetime commitment. That means that you will stay lean. Another major benefit is that by the time you reach this part of the diet, you’ll pretty much be able to eat anything you want (in moderation) again and know a lot more about foods and health in general.

This enables you to make food choices that promote health and stave off disease. What’s also nice is that you can always go back to phase one if you find yourself facing those old troublesome cravings again.


While there may be some controversy around low-carb diets, and the more drastic first phase of this one, adopting it as a dietary lifestyle may be a good idea when you consider the benefits.

In addition to weight loss, your chances of developing diabetes will decrease, your cholesterol levels will drop, and you’ll generally be healthier. Also, South Beach Diet recipes are filling, so you won’t go hungry.

Let us know what you think in the comments…