5 Reasons Why Losing Belly Fat Fast Is Easier than Long-Term Weight Loss

For many people, weight loss is an ongoing struggle filled with downs. What’s worse is that slimming down actually gets more difficult as time goes on. Understanding why, though, can make a big difference to your overall strategy, enabling you to drop unwanted pounds and keep them off for good.

Here are five reasons why losing belly fat fast is easier than long-term weight loss…

1. Human Beings Are Hardwired to Fight Starvation

Our caveman ancestors lived in a feast-or-famine world. Food could be plentiful for a few days, but then people could have to go several days without much to eat. One reason why losing weight gets more difficult over time is because our bodies have evolved to cope with these feast or famine scenarios. Over generations, our bodies have been conditioned to hold onto calories as a survival mechanism. In today’s society that just makes maintaining a healthy weight all the more difficult.

2. Our Metabolic Needs Change When We Lose Weight

Another reason why slimming down quickly is easier than long-term weight loss is that as you shed pounds, it takes fewer calories to maintain your current mass. That means that the more you lose, the more difficult it is to carry on losing. Once we have lost a good deal of mass and the body needs fewer calories for upkeep, then it’s not always easy to adjust portion sizes to get in the right amount. This is why we get on a diet, lose some weight, and then drop everything and gain it all back.

3. The Body Changes with Age

By age 30, changes begin to take place in the body that makes weight loss harder and weight gain likely. Body fat increases, and muscle mass decreases, making it more challenging to shed unwanted pounds. Generally, the less muscle we have, the fewer calories we burn, and fat loss cannot occur without a calorie deficit (burning more calories than we eat). Ultimately, you end up having to work out harder and diet more strictly to achieve the same results as when you were younger.

4. We Lose Motivation

Losing stubborn belly fat can be tough, but long-term weight loss is generally more difficult. Why? Because it can be hard to stay motivated. What starts out as a burning desire to blast fat and keep it off with mindful eating and vigorous exercise can quickly fizzle out. Before you know it, you are back to eating things that you shouldn’t eat, and working out is replaced by television time. This has a psychological impact that can make losing weight in the future even more challenging.

5. Temptation Is Everywhere

Nobody can go their whole life without eating the things that they love and indulging once in a while. Well, most of us can’t. The occasional treat is okay, and you probably deserve it, but one indulgence can be all that it takes to derail your weight management efforts, bringing back those fat-causing habits. Fighting temptation can be particularly challenging if you’re someone who is social and/or regularly engages in social events for business purposes, such as lunches with clients.