3 Ways to Reverse Age-Related Weight Gain

Most of us associate aging with wrinkles and grey hair, and those are indeed symptoms of growing older. But there’s an important issue that we tend to overlook – one that adds years to our age long before that first wrinkle: weight gain.

Have you ever wondered why so many people, especially women over 40, struggle to lose weight? Or why you’re picking up weight even though your diet hasn’t changed? Your waistline doesn’t just suddenly expand for no reason.

The fact is, the body starts to work less efficiently as we age. The metabolism slows down. Hormonal changes occur. We begin to move a bit less and exercise less vigorously. The result? Fewer calories burned each day and MORE FAT.

Americans have a weight problem, it’s no secret. The rest of the world, too. That’s why gyms are trying to get us to buy yearlong contracts and why you see a health store at every turn. It’s the reason why fad diets keep popping up online.

Yep, weight loss is BIG business, and everyone’s trying to grab a slice of the profit pie. It’s about money, you see – YOUR money. But guess what. Losing weight doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It doesn’t have to cost you much at all.

To lose weight naturally and permanently, all you really need is a plan that addresses the five key factors of weight loss – 5 basic things that the weight loss industry is keeping from you. It doesn’t matter how old you are.

Of course, you will also need some willpower, but you already know that.

So How Do You Reverse Age-Related Weight Gain?

1. Weight Loss and Management Is Possible

If you’re one of the millions around the world who have tried to lose weight and failed, weight loss may seem almost impossible. Good news: it isn’t. Many men and women just like you have succeeded – usually after several failed attempts.

However, it is important that you recognize a few things. First, there is no miracle solution; you need a long-term plan based on sound weight loss principles. Second, you must address the root cause of the problem. Finally, you must be consistent.

2. Weight Gain Is Not Inevitable

Aging is certain, but weight gain is not. While weight management may become more difficult with each decade that passes, anticipating the changes and paying closer attention to your body can help you stay young, healthy, and lean.

Besides, as we get older, losing weight becomes less about calories and exercising and more about hormones, metabolic efficiency, insulin sensitivity, and controlling stress and toxins. When you know how to address these areas, weight loss is easier.

3. Losing Weight Shouldn’t Be a Sacrifice

Quit starving yourself. You don’t need to stop eating your favorite foods to lose weight. Actually, you shouldn’t. It leads to binge eating. Yes, there are some foods that you should avoid, but diets that are too restrictive are not sustainable.

It’s human nature. The more we are deprived of something, the more we want it. When you’re trying to lose weight, a ‘moment of weakness’ can derail your efforts. If your diet includes foods that you like, however, then it’s easier to stay on track.

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