3 Reasons Why People Give Up On Weight Loss But Shouldn’t

Gaining weight is definitely easier than losing it. More often than not, people give up on their weight loss aspirations shortly after they start a program. This is because they’re not psychologically prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Yes, mental readiness is crucial if you’re serious about slimming down, and knowing what to expect can be the difference between success and failure.

For those who are thinking about losing a few pounds, here are 3 reasons why people give up but shouldn’t.

1. It’s Not Happening Fast

When people decide to lose weight, they can get pretty excited about it and expect big results fast. If that doesn’t happen, however, then they lose hope and end up throwing in the towel. But weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, particularly if you’re a woman; it takes time to drop the fat that took months or even years to accumulate.

Coming to terms with this before starting a diet and exercise regime makes the process a lot easier. It’s also very important to set reachable goals and know that there are safe and unsafe ways to slim down. A loss of 1-2 pounds weekly constitutes ‘safe’ weight loss.

2. Hunger Takes Over

Hunger is another reason for many failed cases of weight loss. But there’s no reason why you should go hungry. When you eat the right types of foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, and water-rich foods, you’ll stay fuller for longer and generally not get as many cravings and hunger pangs, so check your diet.

Foods that are high in calories have the opposite effect, so avoid them. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a burger every once in a while, though; you can, just don’t overdo it. Drinking more water and eating smaller meals more often will also stave off hunger.

3. Exercising Is A Pain

For many people, it’s the exercising part of weight loss that gets them down. Again, they want results fast, so they often dive right in and start training hard. Not a good idea. It takes time to build up endurance, and it may take a while before you are able to work out as hard as you would like to.

If you push yourself to the limit from the get-go, this will shock the body, and you’ll feel the pain shortly after – which might put you off. Instead, set small fitness goals and start off slowly. Your body will let you know when it’s ready for more. Go slow and steady; you can gradually increase the pace.

Don’t Give Up!

Sure, this is easier said than done, but don’t give up on your weight loss goals once you start. Keep going, even if the weighing scale isn’t giving you the numbers that you want – It could be lying, by the way.

If, for whatever reason, you happen to have a bad day where you eat everything that you shouldn’t and skip your usual exercise routine, that’s fine; just wake up and start over tomorrow! Ultimately, the people who slim down are the ones who stick to a good plan, no matter what. Do that, and you will lose weight.

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