10 Simple Ways to Eat Less without Noticing

There is a misconception that losing weight means that you have to completely alter your life.

It is also thought that weight loss is rather inconvenient, in that all of the changes that you need to make are really hard to maintain. This is not true. These can actually be simple, and you could make them without even noticing a difference.

Here are 10 tips for losing weight without effort:

Use Smaller Plates

When we are served the correct portion size on a very large plate, the quantity of food tends to appear smaller. If you are served the exact same meal on a smaller plate, however, it will seem as though you have more food because the dish is full. This is a way to trick yourself into thinking that you are consuming more.

Serve Yourself 20% Less

Twenty percent may sound like it’s a lot, but it isn’t, really. If you normally have 25 French fries, just remove 5. It is that simple! Your mind will not notice that you are eating less, but your body will respond accordingly by having less food to digest.

Use Taller Glasses

Using taller glasses has very much the same effect as using smaller plates. It is all about perception, you see. It will appear that you are drinking more from the taller glass than you actually are, which will inevitably reduce liquid calorie intake.

Eat Protein for Breakfast

Protein is an essential nutrient that keeps you feeling fuller for longer periods of time. By having it at breakfast, you are more likely to make healthier eating choices throughout the day, since you will not be famished by the time that you have to.

Eat Multiple Small Meals per Day

Eating constantly does two things: it keeps your metabolism going because there is always something to break down, and it makes you feel satisfied. As long as your metabolism is working, you are burning calories. Too much at once causes your body to store foods as fat.

Remove Snack Temptations

This tip is simple, yet highly effective: you cannot eat what you do not have. Remove as many unhealthy snacks as possible from your fridge and storage cupboards, and replace them with healthy alternatives. And no, that doesn’t mean that you should stash them for just in case.

Chew Properly

This is overlooked by most people. Studies show that it takes about 20 minutes for the body to realize that it is full. By chewing thoroughly, you are not eating as fast; this gives your body a chance to register that it has had enough, before you overeat.

Don’t Eat From the Package

It is very hard to control ration sizes when you are having it straight from the box. It is best to remove a specific portion of your food from the package, so that you are sure not to overindulge. Don’t forget to use smaller plates and dishes.

Don’t Eat in Front of the TV

It is important to always be aware at meal times. If you are eating while distracted, it will be easy to ignore the signs that your body normally gives off when you are full. If you want to lose weight, you will need to listen to your tummy.

Avoid Processed Foods

Various types of snacks are photographed for a quiz on healthy snacking for kids to run on the AOL Healthy Living site at AOL Huffington Post headquarters in New York on Wednesday Aug. 15, 2012. (Damon Dahlen, AOL)

Processed foods tend to be saturated with salt and refined sugars, even when the packets do not say so. Both of which trigger hunger and lead to bodily malfunction, fat and disease. Opt for natural, non-packaged foods as often as possible.