Why Women are Attracted to Big Muscles

In our previous post, we discussed why women aren’t attracted to skinny guys. We established that it’s tough being a skinny guy in a fat world. Women don’t want to feel fat, and being with a man who is skinnier than they are makes them feel as though they are fat, even if they are at their ideal weight. A woman’s self-confidence is a fragile thing.

Women are constantly bombarded with images of what an ideal woman’s figure should be and 99 times out of 100 they just don’t match up to the airbrushed perfect images they see on TV and in magazines and this really bothers them.

A woman will spend a good deal of her time and money on things that will make her look better and feel better about herself.

She will buy and wear nipping and tucking undergarments no matter how uncomfortable they are. She will spend oodles and oodles on an anti-aging cream, weight loss pills, and the latest exercise DVD sensation. She’s not about to destroy all that hard work by standing next to a skinny guy who makes her look fat by comparison!

Beyond her own sense of self-esteem, there are evolutionary reasons that a woman is attracted to muscular men.

It is actually programmed right into their genes to seek after a strong, muscular man. It has a lot less to do with her thinking the guy looks sexy than you might believe. You see, in the woman’s subconscious is the belief that a strong man will be a better provider for her and her future children. Back in the caveman days, a strong, muscular man would’ve been the best choice for hunting and providing a good source of food for the family.

It’s also played out in the movies all the time. A strong man is best suited for defending the family from danger. Of course, nowadays, a computer geek may be better able to provide financially for a woman, but her genes don’t know that! She can’t help being attracted to those bulging muscles and contoured physique…it’s in her nature!

Aside from the subconscious belief that a muscular man will be a better provider and protector is the belief that he will also provide genetically superior offspring. Even though neither men nor women may be thinking in terms of marriage when they are looking for a date on Saturday night, deep down in their subconscious, that is what they are thinking about.

Even if you are already married, this subconscious programming affects you.

Your wife may have been intelligent enough to make her decision about a life partner and his ability to provide for the family on conscious thought, but her subconscious programming still affects the way she views you. There are times you don’t feel as though she respects you as much as she should and that is because you aren’t “as much of a man” as you could be.

This also affects your sex life. Even though your wife was attracted to your personality and character strengths when you got married, she isn’t always as sexually attracted to you as you would like. Having a strong muscular physique would send your wife’s hormones through the roof, and you would be getting all the action you could handle… and then some!

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