Being the Skinny Dude in an Overweight World

In a world where everyone around you is either overweight (about 66% of the US population) or at a “normal” weight, you’re always the odd one out. You feel awkward. You feel inferior – like a lesser man. The weight loss products you see advertised on television, billboards, and in magazines don’t apply to you. When you visit the stores, all you see is fat-free and low-carb that… as if to taunt you. The message is clear: lose weight! But that won’t work for you. You wish you had a strong, muscular physique, but that seems out of reach.


People just don’t get you. Referring to someone who is overweight as “fatty” or “fatso” is generally considered offensive and could land you in trouble. In a workplace situation, a simple remark could cost you your job. However, people will usually not hold back on calling you things like “Slim Jim” or “Skindiana Jones,” which is obviously a poke at your weight.

To you, the name-calling might be just as offensive, but because society tends to view being skinny as desirable, others do not see it as a problem. But hang on, you are a guy! Men are meant to be strong and muscular, not weak and scrawny. So while skinniness is seen as a good thing in most circles, even chubby guys are getting way more respect than you are.


Chubby guys get more dates than you do. You can bet on it. Why? Because women are naturally attracted to strong and masculine men, and overweight guys come across as bigger and stronger – which they usually are. Guys that are really fit and muscular… well, in most cases, they get more female attention than they can handle. Ok, so maybe you’re not looking to date tons of girls, but know this: having options is great. When you are thin, you don’t have many of those.

Very few women actually prefer a slender guy, and those that do might not be the types you would want to go steady with. Women don’t want men with smaller waists than them – it makes them look and feel fat. Even the petite girls. You can learn more about that in our why women are attracted to big muscles post.


When you are a skinny guy living in a fat world, you don’t get the respect you deserve. Not at home. Not at work. Certainly not in social and romantic situations. Chubby guys get more dates than you, and muscular guys can make you look altogether bad, not to mention feel bad. Another major downside to being thin is that you have less confidence, which can keep you from pursuing things in life that you really want. Look, you are smart. You know that you are better than this. It’s time to change your life for the better. Are you ready? Good! Let’s start with the basic weight gain theory.

YOUR TURN: Have you noticed that bigger guys get tend to get more girls and respect? How has being a skinny guy in a fat world affected your life? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below.