30 Signs That Your Mom Is Definitely Your BFF

From the moment you were conceived, you’ve been attached to mom in more ways than one. And yes, you’re well past the breastfeeding age. But you still kinda rely on her for survival and care. Because let’s be real, your mom is the best.

Here are 30 signs that your mom is definitely your BFF…

You Talk Every Day

You call your mom the minute something exciting happens to you.

You Talk Several Times A Day

In fact, you call mom when anything happens. Especially when you try out a new flavor at your favorite ice cream shop.

She Sees Through You

Your mom knows you better than anyone else and can read you like an open book. With large print.

Anything For Mom

You don’t hesitate to change or cancel plans with your friends so that you can hang out with your mom.

Best Cheerleader

She supports you in everything you do, and she’s your biggest fan, no matter what.

Trusted Confidant

You seek your mom’s advice on just about every decision – big or small – and you trust her advice to always be worth gold.

Song For Mom

The Taylor Swift song “The Best Day” makes you think of mom.

Open Communication

Nothing’s too delicate to discuss with mom. You tell her everything, and she does the same with you.

Survey Says…Mom!

When asked to name one person you admire, who inspires you, or who has impacted your life the most, your answer is always “my mother.”

You Feel Grateful

Sometimes you stop and pinch yourself because you can’t believe what an amazing mother you have.

Sisterly Love

You both get all giggly when people say that you look like sisters.


When it comes to fashion, you rely on each other for tips and advice. Neither of you hesitates to let the other know when they’re being a fashion victim.

Social Media BFFs

She’s the first person to like every single one of your Facebook posts. And you do the same for her posts.

Always Connected

Not a day goes by when you don’t send each other a text message. Or a selfie or two.

Your Friends Are Her Friends

It doesn’t bother you when she spends time with you and your friends. After all, you hang out with her and her friends all the time.

Birthday Treats

When your birthday rolls around, she exactly what to cook to put a smile on your face.

Gifts For Her Baby

She doesn’t need a special occasion like a birthday to give you a gift. When she sees something you’ll like, she wraps it up for her baby.

Proud Mama

She can’t wait to talk about you and talk you up to all of her friends.

Proud Daughter

Oh yeah, and you can’t wait to brag about her to your friends too!

She Can Do No Wrong

So she’s a little clumsy at times. To you, she’s still Supermom.

Powerful Words

Her words hold a lot of power and influence over you. No one can put things in perspective for you quite as your mom does.


When Dad’s not home, you can’t wait to sleep on his side of the bed.

All In Good Humor

She enjoys teasing you, and you’re never offended or annoyed by it. Besides, when the time is right, you’ll get her back.

Lean On Me

When the going gets tough, she’s there to help you out no matter how messy the situation is.

Always On My Mind

You worry about each other’s well-being, worrying about what the other is doing, when, where, and with whom.

Always By Your Side

Your mom is your biggest and loudest advocate.

No Topic Is Off Limits

You both argue about silly little things and big, massive, life-changing things. But you never let it get out of hand.

Those 3 Important Words

Whether you’re face-to-face or on the phone, both of you always end your conversations with “I love you.”

Trust And Respect

Spending time together isn’t something either of you does out of a sense of biological obligation. You do it because there is a genuine friendship and respect between you two.

There’s No One Like Her

And at the end of the day, you know that you owe it all to her.