Dental Plan for Seniors – Your Best Options in 2019

If you’re over 65 and looking for a dental plan for seniors, you have probably discovered that traditional Medicare doesn’t cover dental costs. This coverage gap can be hard to understand for individuals who have had dental coverage throughout their lives.

Vision and hearing expenses aren’t covered by Medicare, either. For this reason, several insurance companies have launched plans that offer seniors dental, vision, and hearing coverage, and many of these DVH plans are very affordable and provide additional benefits.

Read on for some of the best dental plans for senior citizens…

Aetna Vital Dental Savings Plus Rx Plan

Insurance company Aetna offers a variety of dental plans, but the Vital Dental Savings Plus Rx plan is especially well-suited to seniors. It offers added savings on vision, hearing, and prescription medications.

Aetna comes highly recommended because there are no annual limits, they cover general dentists and dental specialists, and it is possible to save between 15 and 50 percent on most dental services.

CignaPlus Savings Dental Plan

Cigna plans offer some of the best dental coverage. The CignaPlus Savings dental discount program saves you on dental and additional wellness services like massage and chiropractic adjustments.

There are no annual limits with these plans, and hearing and vision benefits are included. A major bonus is that there are no waiting periods before treatments, and pre-authorizations are not required.

Solstice Benefits Dental Discount Plan

Solstice Benefits is a discount dental plan with no health restrictions designed to save you money. Because it is affordable, comprehensive, and provides low OOP costs, it’s a great dental plan for seniors.

The dental care plan offers discounts on extensive cosmetic care, restorative services, orthodontia treatment, and Rx drugs. Members also get a free preventive care exam and cleaning every six months.

Guardian Advantage Gold PPO Dental Plan

Guardian is a known provider of individual dental insurance policies with excellent dental coverage options and affordable rates. One of those plans is the best-selling Advantage Gold PPO dental plan.

Highlights of this insurance plan include 50-70 percent coverage on implants/extractions/fillings and 100 percent coverage for preventive dental services. You can use contracted or non-contracted dentists.

Spirit Dental and Vision Plans

Spirit Dental and Vision insurance plans are underwritten by the highly-rated Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. They offer two plans, Network and Choice, each of which covers senior dental care differently.

Insurance policies by Spirit cover dental services like dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, and preventive care inexpensively. Both dental plans can be paired with a vision plan at a low cost.

Denali Dental and Vision Plans

With Denali dental plans, you get reasonably priced dental care and are guaranteed acceptance, with no waiting periods to use coverage. In addition, maximum annual benefits increase each year.

Three Denali dental insurance plans are Ridge, Peak, and Summit. All of these cover preventative dental, diagnostics, and basic/major dental services. Vision insurance is available at an extra cost.

UnitedHealthcare Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plans

UnitedHealthcare dental insurance makes multiple plans that cater to various dental care needs. Some plans are cheaper and have copays, while others cover preventive care 100 percent.

The company makes it possible to enhance dental coverage with vision insurance and hearing healthcare discounts for convenience. The bottom line, you can get a really good dental plan for seniors.

Careington Dental and Vision Plans

Careington dental savings/discount plans offer various options to seniors seeking affordable dental care. Plus, there are added services such as vision care. The company’s plans focus on deep discounts.

Other pros of Careington discount plans include no annual spending limits, no monthly premiums, copayments, or deductibles, and same-day plan activation. They also have an extensive provider network. Dental Plans is a dental/health savings marketplace that works like a wholesaler membership. You pay one low fee each year and save between 10 and 60 percent on most dental procedures.

There are about 30 different dental savings plans by, which has an extensive network of participating dentists. Many plans come with discounts on prescriptions and vision/hearing care. 

Delta Dental Plans

For a good reason, Delta Dental is one of the biggest names in dental insurance. They offer inexpensive dental insurance plans, with some of the most affordable basic and mid-tier coverages around.

Another reason to go with Delta Dental is that they clearly outline their payment procedures and policy stipulations (important). The only downside is that this company only covers dental care.