10 Most Common Weight Lifting Myths Debunked (For Women)

Men and women have different goals when it comes to weight training. Men usually want big guns (large biceps) along with a strong chest and back. Women, however, are usually more concerned with attaining a slim figure without cellulite, defined legs, a toned midsection, and arms that do not jiggle when they wave goodbye. No matter what type of body you want to sculpt, you can make it happen!

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions (primarily with women) about lifting weights – and it’s keeping them from getting the best results possible, both for their looks and overall health. Weightlifting won’t get you bulky or turn you into she–hulk. But you will gain confidence, self-esteem, and a bangin’ body.

Here are the 10 most common myths debunked that cause women to shy away from the dumbbells — yes, this is an article specifically for women, but if you’re a dude reading… keep reading. We bet you still learn something today…

Weight training makes you big and bulky

This is simply untrue. You can try to train to be any shape and size that you want, but the truth is it takes either steroids or a lot of arduous work (for men and women) to be bulky. For women, please do not believe this myth. It’s a pure fact that you do not have enough testosterone in your body to develop rippling muscles.

Your chest will get too big.

This is false. You can build lean muscle instead of bulky muscle and even minimize your chest size by reducing your overall body-fat composition.

Weight training makes you stiff and inflexible.

Nope. If you incorporate simple stretches into your routine, you will actually build strength and flexibility. Weight training alone does not make you inflexible, and a proper recovery time will allow the lactic acid buildup to dissipate so that you do not feel tight.

Once you stop training with free weights, that muscle will turn into fat


The only time muscle will ever turn to fat is when your diet starts to decline. Many weight lifters fatten up because they keep their calorie consumption high, even after they have stopped doing arduous workouts and their bodies no longer require the same amount of food. Poor nutrition is usually a culprit, too.

All your fat will turn to muscle and in all the wrong places.


While you cannot spot reduce fat, you can keep your ‘curves’ if you are a woman, if that is your wish. Most people will find it easy to reduce their overall fat and still look desirable. A lean, muscular physique is attractive, but if you want to keep some curves, you can by adjusting your diet or workout regime. Good nutrition and a free weight routine are necessary, though, or you will look skinny-fat.

If you train with weights, you can eat whatever you want


Sorry, no can do. What you eat is vitally important and needs to be an aspect of your physical training as much as the training itself. Otherwise, you can create a sluggish metabolism and suffer from toxic overload, making it hard to shed fat regardless of how much you work out.

Working out exhausts your body and makes you tired

Training, especially when using free weights, will actually give you more energy. When you first start, your body is used to being sedentary, so it may temporarily resist moving more. In as little as two weeks, though, you may actually crave working out as your energy sharply increases, and you start to look and feel amazing. People who work out often are far more productive. They have a lot more sustainable energy throughout the day because they are physically fit.

There is not enough time to ‘work out because you are working full-time.

Not Enough Time

You can get a great workout completed in only twenty minutes, three to four times a week, at most. You can give up a few television commercials for better health, can you not? The “I don’t have the time” excuse really translates to “I don’t have the motivation.” If you really want something, you can wake up a few minutes earlier or carve out some extra time by managing your current schedule better. Moreover, once you start working out, you will have so much more energy to meet the demands of your day!

The gym is too intimidating!


You do not ever have to step foot into a gym if you don’t want to, but the gym is just a bunch of people trying to get into better shape, just like you – and they are thinking the same thing you are. There are many great at-home fitness routines that you can do with a few dumbbells, so even if the gym is not your thing, you can still kick butt and get the body that you want.

You have a baby, so you cannot possibly find time to work out.

Workout with Baby
hatha yoga exercises mom with child practicing at home

If you are a tired, stressed-out mom, you need to make time for yourself. You will be a better mother and take better care of your kids when you are fit instead of fat. Besides, you know you want to drop that pregnancy weight! The solution to a busy mom’s schedule is to count on friends and family. You can also find a babysitter. It is possible. You just have to make the commitment. Moms are self-sacrificing by nature but know that taking better care of yourself means taking better care of your family.