9 Excellent Uses For Coconut Oil

9 Excellent Uses For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is all the rage in health and beauty, and scientific research has revealed that its awesome benefits affect your entire body, inside and out. Its unique fatty acid structure metabolizes differently from other saturated fats. It’s solid at room temperature like butter and doesn’t become rancid like many other oils.

If you’ve heard good things about it and have a tub of it sitting in your pantry.

Here are 9 ways you can use it as part of your beauty regime…

1. Moisturizer:


Aside from cooking, this is probably the most common use of coconut oil. It is extremely moisturizing and nourishing and leaves skin silky and soft. Use it as a hand lotion, body butter, daily facial moisturizer, and more for hydration like you won’t believe.

How to use it to moisturize your skin:

Face: Wash your face then apply a dime size amount of coconut oil between your fingers – rub it in gently using a circular motion. Allow the oil to absorb into your skin for 5 minutes prior to applying makeup.

Skin: Wherever you typically get rough or dry patches, apply a small amount of coconut oil there. Rub it in gently using a circular motion.

2. Wound Salve:

Wound Salve

Though not as strong as commercial antibiotics, coconut oil has been shown to have moderate antibacterial properties that are especially effective on skin wounds. Use daily on your wound – simply rub onto the affected area and surrounding skin before applying a bandage.

It will heal in a fraction of the time than it would have otherwise. For extra germ-fighting oomph, mix a few drops of honey into the oil before applying.

3. Antifungal Treatment:

Antifungal Treatment

Coconut oil contains caprylic acid and lauric acid, which are extremely effective in treating candida or a common yeast infection. The oil interferes with the candida’s cell walls, which breaks down their structure and prevents them from building up a resistance to the treatment. Swallow one or two spoonsful of coconut oil each morning until the situation is resolved.

4. Lip Balm:

Lip Balm

Rub onto lips for a rich, hydrating salve that relieves chapped mouths.

5. Sunburn relief:

Coconut oil is also great for those days when you forget to wear sunscreen. Combine it with aloe vera juice and lavender essential oil, and refrigerate for maximum soothing potential.

6. Makeup remover:

Makeup Remover

Eliminate the need for chemical wipes and simply smear on coconut oil to remove makeup. Apply using a cotton swab or your fingers, and rinse with warm water.

7. Cuticle cream:

Cuticle Cream

Massage coconut oil into your cuticles daily to prevent dry skin and painful hangnails. Rub any extra into your fingernails, too. Just like your hair, your nails become brittle as they lose moisture. Coconut oil will strengthen them and help them to grow faster.

8. Bath oil:

Bath Oil

Add a half cup of liquid coconut oil to your bath water for luxurious, all-over moisture. Feel free to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for scent and extra relaxation.

9. Reduce belly fat and BMI:

Reduce Belly Fat

Extraneous weight around the midsection can be dangerous, putting patients at risk of serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and various cancers. Because the fatty acids in coconut oil are metabolized differently from most fats, they can actually help burn calories and lead to weight loss.